About You

You already know about me. Now I want to know about you.

I've shamelessly stolen this idea from my blogging idol, Michael Procopio. Please visit his site and pay him homage after you're done here. You won't be disappointed. 

In the meantime, this is where you tell me about your interests, your background, your first pet -- whatever you think the blogosphere needs to know. Since I'm divulging my deepest darkest secrets for public scrutiny, it seems only fair that I should know a little bit about you. 

Are you brave enough? Post away -- I dare you...


  1. Blogging idol? Good heavens, that's a lot of pressure to have to live up to. However, I am cheered by it and thank you just the same!

    I love having an "About You" section. I'm even more delighted when people actually take the time out to tell me a little about themselves. You already seem to know a little about me...



    P.S. My first pet (and by first pet, I mean one that did not already exist at the time I was born) was a German Shepherd/Husky mix I wanted to name "Chippy". My older sister, however, insisted she have a slightly butcher name, so we went with "Chipper".

    Unfortunately, we did not realize that our next door neighbor lived in mortal fear of German Shepherds, thanks to his having been sniffed out by said dogs during the war when he was hidden by Belgian Resistance workers and spent the duration in a German POW camp. Chipper "mysteriously" disappeared when we were on holiday when I was eight years old.

    1. What a tragic story! My first pet, Pookie, was a scruffy brown toy poodle who was slightly smaller than the rats you'd find in New York alleyways. My most vivid memories of her include:

      - a shivering, wet pile of patchy fur and bones balanced on the two feet of snow that covered our Buffalo back yard for 9 months of the year. Several times a day, we waited for as long as we could stand to watch her, then we'd let her back in again, as we tried to appear stern and disapproving. Inevitably, an hour later, we'd find a new mess behind the couch, or in the laundry room, or on the new dining room rug...

      - her sweet little curly head resting on my shoulder as she snored happily in my arms until early morning, when she'd get up before me to leave gifts from bladder and bowels on my green shag carpet.

      - the day she died in my arms on the way to the vet, after a long undiagnosed illness. She lived with us for 14 years. I swore I'd never get another pet because losing her was too much to bear.

      Recently (a mere 24 years later) we broke down and got a fish tank for the kids, but that's my limit... really.

  2. I love your writing style. I wish I could be this good. I like baking much more than blogging. And more than eating it too. I just wish I could figure out a way to make some money with all the baking I am doing. But alas I live in a big suburban town with too many fancy bakeries. Anyway, keep up the good work, and I'll keep reading.

  3. thank you Marlise! That is such a nice compliment. The kitchen and the writing work are both invaluable outlets for me, and, like my kids, they constantly compete for my attention. I know what you mean about enjoying the baking even more than eating though. Also, if you find a way to monitize, please let me know. (Maybe you should call one of those fancy bakeries: you never know what you might be able to accomplish from home.)

    In the meantime, enjoy your time in the kitchen with your beautiful kids! As one of my favorite bloggers, Cheryl Rule recently said, "yes, it counts." Check out her amazing writing at: 5secondrule.typepad.com

  4. I just might make that call. And you know, there are a lot of little fancy gifty shops around here that might be able to use some nicely packaged biscotti. I am thinking about that. I will check out that blogger. Thanks!


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