Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Popovers: Made In Seconds; Gone In Seconds. Who’s Ready for Thirds?

Who doesn’t love an oven-fresh roll?
Remember those vacuum-sealed, pop-open crescent rolls you used to get so excited about when mom scooped them off the baking sheet and into the breadbasket for dinner?
This ain’t them.
This is infinitely better. And cheaper. And possibly even easier to create (there’s no shaping involved). Oh yeah, and there are none of those icky, multi-syllabic ingredients that no one outside of the FDA can pronounce, let alone identify. If you’ve got flour, butter, salt, milk and eggs, you’re good to go. (All right, I admit that butter is duo-syllabic, but you get the gist.)
These eggy, golden popovers are feather-light, and as long as you don’t burn them, they’re pretty much a sure-fire hit with the kids. The batter mixes up in the blender in about two minutes, then you pour it into your pre-buttered muffin tins and into the oven they go. The hardest part is waiting for them to finish cooking as you watch the rolls bubble up to bizarre heights. The second hardest part is deciding what to top them with once you’ve cracked them open. We opted for a gentle slather of lemon curd. Divine.
You can find the complete recipe at Paula’s and Amy’s blogs, or buy the book.
I made two minor changes, based on some feedback from other TWD bakers: I reduced the baking time quite a bit, and I generously buttered the pans, then sprayed them with Pam for extra non-stick insurance. This allowed them to pop over and out quite beautifully.
After the kids and I devoured the entire batch this afternoon (dessert before dinner is my usual MO), they demanded that I make another batch for breakfast tomorrow. As you wish.


  1. These absoltuely are better than the rolls in a can (although, I always liked that POP noise they made when the seal broke).
    Lovely popovers!

  2. Lemon curd is a great idea. I also want to try some with raspberry butter, so many delicious options!
    I will decrease the time and temp next time I make, which will be soon. great recipe. With recipes like this it makes one wonder why more people don't cook!

  3. Reading through everyone's posts is giving me so many ideas for what to have with popovers - lemon curd sounds wonderful.


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