Friday, June 14, 2013

Fly your Freak Flag High

Happy Flag Day – one of the least appreciated holidays in America!
It’s time to demand more respect for minor American holidays. Speaking of which, what could be more under-appreciated than the daunting calendar of food holidays?

What is it with food holidays? They come hurling at me daily, via all manner of modern media, and still I seem to miss some of the critical ones. For example, I was disheartened to learn that I missed:

June 10: National Iced Tea Day. Really? Me? Every day in my world is Iced Tea Day. But just in case you were concerned that I missed an opportunity to rejoice with the universe over my love of tea, it turns out the entire month of June is in fact, Iced Tea Month. Woohoo!

If you like freebies (who doesn’t?) and you like Snapple (I don’t), there’s still time to get in on this promo from 7-11. Tell them Tammy sent you, just to be nice.

June 13: Kitchen Klutzes of America Day. Truth is stranger than fiction. Who comes up with this stuff? And who in the world does not fall under this category? That’s like saying, “Let’s celebrate anyone who’s ever picked up a spatula!” But still, count me in for next year.

May 10: National Liver and Onions Day. I certainly don’t feel the pangs of regret over this one, but certain Jewish fathers I know are preparing a shiva to mourn it’s passing (or a "shivers," as a friend’s six-year-old recently put it).

I’m proud to report that we narrowly scraped in under the wire on National Doughnut Day (June 7 this year). At four in the afternoon, just before closing, we straggled into our local doughnut shop to discover one hard stale plain cruller left on the shelf. “I’ll take it!” I nearly shouted. Whew! That was a close call.

Coming up June 28: Double Pi Day, or Tau Day for those math freaks who are keeping score. Oddly, this one isn’t on many food calendars, but in our house it is sacred. In keeping with tradition, we’re again hosting an Open House/Bring-Your-Own-Pie-To-Share Day. Come on down if you’re in the neighborhood.

So on this day of celebration, I encourage you to first, go out and thank a veteran for keeping our country strong, then, go out and find your inner food fetishist. Fly your freak flag high, and discover something that you can applaud. Every day is a gift, and every day is an opportunity to find (or cook, or eat, or honor) something special.

If you’re still stuck, I’ll point out that today, June 14, is national Strawberry Shortcake Day. On the 15th, you can choose between lobster or gin. (Or both.) What are you waiting for? Go forth and celebrate!


  1. Replies
    1. thanks! Can't wait to serve my galette next Friday, alongside all the others, of course.

  2. Hey Tammy, Thanks for sharing the food calendar and all the chuckles. I needed both of those!

    1. No matter how many times I look at that calendar, I am surprised by the sheer volume of the holidays! Who can keep up?

      Hope you're feeling well.


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