Tuesday, November 19, 2013

And May the Cookies Be Ever In Your Flavor

If you understood the reference above, then you need to see this hilarious Sesame Street video that's been circulating in the media.

For those of you who are fans of young adult fiction, or fans of the Tuesdays with Dorie project, I offer you this, a parachute from our sponsor, Rick Katz's Double Chocolate Cookie:

Alas, these particular cookies were not in my favorite flavor. (I guess I'm too Finnicky.) I've never been much of a chocolate lover. But I love those who love chocolate, so this project was worthwhile for their sakes. Here's what the Master of The House (the MOTH) had to say about it, after a long stressful day at the office:

"(When I tasted the cookie...) I was transported to one of my favorite places—The Chocolate Room (disclaimer, we know the owners). Now with two locations in Brooklyn, The Chocolate Room serves fantastic desserts, and we don’t get there nearly as often as we would like. Tammy's cookie was tasty and soft (much richer and chunkier than store bought), but the flavor and texture was not why eating it made me think of the cafe. 

Taking a bite of that cookie was a moment for me to close my eyes, savor, breathe deep and then be transported to my “happy place.” The cookie triggered memories of being with friends and family, enjoying a treat made with love, and being in a safe place like The Chocolate Room. Nothing but smiles with chocolate-coated teeth. I’ll brush and floss later.

Tammy, and her cooking, often do this for me. She can make me forget about the stressful side of my career. The challenging work, the endless hours, the long commute, the non-stop environment of the office -- these things all melt away when I get home and there is food—made with love—on the table. Sometimes, I’ll admit, that feeling lasts just a moment before the kids climb on me, the blackberry buzzes, and the stack of bills catches my eye. But I have that moment."

He's a real gem, that MOTH. This alliance is one I plan to keep.

Meanwhile, the Thanksgivukkah preparation continues at a furious pace, so our time together is brief. Tick tock!

Check out more bloggers' versions on this double chocolate cookie here. For the recipe, from guest baker Rick Katz, buy the book.


  1. Me better stop and think....
    No, I needn't stop* at all and ate one cookie (ups, that's why I could not win the hungry games... ihihih ) (* I'd better not stop and think about the amount of Kcal one cookies has!) Many thanks for sharing the hilarious S.Street video.Hilarious!
    PS: I love this cookies, ... will this make me a cookie monster ;-)

  2. Funny, we just watched the Hunger Games movie this weekend. Thanks for the link!

  3. Great post!! Glad your cookies were enjoyed by your chocolate lover. :)

  4. Wow! What an acclamation! Not only are these cookies a keeper, so is he! ;)

  5. Thanksgivukkah! Wow that sounds intense, respect. You've inspired me to start Christmas preparations this week, maybe with the help of these cookies. :-) Great post!

  6. The whole concept of Thanksgivukkah blows my mind. I am somewhat relieved I only have to celebrate one holiday this week.

  7. So fun! Love the Hunger Games AND cookies!


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